Thursday, 3 May 2012

Monday, 11 July 2011

Turning over a new leaf.....

I'd like to say that I would blog more regularly now things have calmed down. Unfortunately, even though they have in some ways, I still find it increasingly difficult to post regularly.
Life really has changed drastically over the last seven months with the birth of our wonderful boy William.
He too has changed so much during this time. I look over the old photographs and videos of him a few weeks after we brought him home and he is soooo small! I honestly cannot believe he is the same person.
He has lots more hair, he is very strong - but most importantly of all - he is a very happy little child.

That brings me to my next point, so are we! :)
Life is sometimes hard. Many mornings we are dreary eyed and up at sunrise - but I can say - its been worth every early morning, late night and scare so far.

I'm very much looking forward to the future, together - as a family.........

Monday, 28 March 2011

What's it all about Alfie?

There comes a time in ones life when you don't really know where you are going or what you want to achieve in your life. There also comes a time when you feel like you've been overlooked in your career and you begin to feel like you are entering a state of limbo, a sense of not belonging to anything. Aligned to the winds, an unpredictable time indeed!

I've worked in IT now for 15 years+ and I had a plan that when I turned 30+ - I'd be a manager....
It doesn't quite work like that.
The thing is - I really dont think I'm cut out for it. The real truth behind the matter is that you have to be a certain 'kind' of person.
You've got to step on everyone to get there, you've got to 'brown-nose' an awful, you've got to take all the credit for things and you've got to be ruthless......I now truly believe I can do none of the above. So maybe my struggle is fruitless and I shouldn't be ranting.
Its a crying shame, that nowadays, its not about the amount of work and dedication you put in, Its the above that provides us with that all important 'ladder'. Work ethics have really changed - and for the worse I fear.........I'm not bitter at all! ;)

I think I'm having a midlife crisis - is this what it feels like? I don't like the feeling of not being in control of my destiny - to feel envious and bitter at others success in the workplace. I'm not that kind of person.....but bad luck changes a man.....

Resolutions for the coming year:-

a). Try not to feel bitter anymore or ressent others success.

b). Give 80% rather than the usual 140% at work. (Hard work and dedication no longer guarantees success).

c). Spend more time concentrating on the things that matter in life - i.e. my family.

Moral of my story:- Work to live - never live to work.

I will be a success - no, let me re-phrase this.........

I AM a success. I have a wonderful baby boy and a fantastic wife. These are things success and money CANNOT buy.

I feel sorry for those that think it can!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Welcome to the world William Tuck (Archived from old blog) - Dated 25th December 2010

Well its been a loooonnggg time since my last post. So, whilst I have inspiration and whilst I’m cooking the Christmas Turkey, I thought I’d make that return to form that some of you have been waiting for.
The 22nd of November – was a normal day. We had both eaten and I’d just settled down for another session of the new ‘Assassins Creed: Brotherhood’ PS3 game. All was going well – I had cooked a meal and both Lisa and myself were ready for an early night.
I was really looking forward to Will’s ‘birth-day’ and couldn’t wait to leave work to go on Paternity leave. No one could have predicted what was to happen next.
Lisa called me from upstairs, in obvious distress - I dashed up those stairs faster than Speedy Gonzalez. We had both been worried for the previous day or so – because Lisa hadn’t really felt that much in the way of kicks or movement from the little fella. So you can imagine I feared the worst. We had even contemplated going to the hospital earlier that day just to check things out.
Anyway - Lisa was complaining of pains and that she thought her waters had broken. We decided to collect a sample – I did take a look and did think ‘Oh dear this could be the time’. I didn’t want to cause any panic as Lisa had been worrying about her planned Caesarean for some time now.
We had in fact gone into the hospital a week or so previously for a manual turning of the baby or ECV (as he was breeched) – so we are still thinking that this could have caused this break of the sac containing the amniotic fluids.
We decided to pack her maternity bag just in case and headed to the hospital as quickly and safely as we could.
When we arrived we were met by a midwife, who after a little chat – looked at the sample. Lisa biggest fears were answered – she was to have the Caesarean tonight!
People don’t actually realise without having been there, how absolutely petrifying birth is – natural or c-section – it makes no difference! I’m not sure about all these folk that say its the most amazing moment of your life (they miss out the scary, petrifying and tearful bit! Which is probably the bit that will stick in my mind until I go to my grave).
We waited from around 11.30pm ish till 6am until it was finally our turn on the delivery ‘production line’. Lisa disappeared after going into natural labour (she enjoyed the gas rather too much) – to get an epidural. Whilst experiencing labour for a mere hour or so – I sensed a dramatic change in Lisa’s attitude toward the impending procedure. She was very nervous before about the c-section but once she’d had a true taste of real labour – she literally ran towards the room to receive the anaesthetic!!!
Meanwhile – I paced back and forth in the delivery room for what seemed like an eternity.
Finally I was told to put on my rather fetching pink hat and go to the operating theatre. Christ – that was scary too – big bright lights, lots of medical equipment and two of the biggest surgeons I have ever seen – they looked more at home in an action movie than a hospital! ;)
I was later to receive many comments on Facebook about looking like a servery member of staff in a canteen, condom-head etc – all comments were greatly appreciated ;)
Anyway after lots of talking gibberish to each other – tugs, pulls and squelches – our little fella appeared above the block-out curtain (Lisa was asked if she wanted to see him born – but I can understand why someone wouldn’t want to see a baby appearing from an open wound in your belly!).
This – for Lisa and myself was a life changing experience – something that you could never forget. We both cried and he was here at last. A years worth of treatment, pain, tears, anguish - and our dreams had finally been realised.
Welcome to the world William Charles Tuck

Rest assured little one, we will both love you until the day we leave this world ourselves…..

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